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“Brooke has taken a number of photos for my family, starting with my engagement, and then our wedding and most recently Brooke was invited back to take pictures of our wiggly, sometimes grumpy, but always adorable newborn! Brooke is the consummate professional and was able to capture the most amazing photos of everyone (all three times)! You can tell how much Brooke loves her job; she has a passion for photography which translates beautifully in photos! Thank you Brooke!”

— Kate P.


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I have a few kiddos of my own, and I know how hard it can be during photo time. They will run around, do the opposite of everything you ask, and then burst into tears because they saw a bug and their shoe is untied and they want a lollypop.

I never say "cheese". I have a never ending well of patience. I have a dozen tricks up my sleeve to help kiddos focus or smile. I'm goofy and silly and sometimes I will hit myself on the head with my shoe, or pull out a rubber chicken from my bag - anything to get real happy faces on those little ones!

I also love not-so-happy faces. And spinning and twirling. And jumping. And playing in the grass.

Your session will most likely have all of the above.