Sammy + Robby // Married

It was unusually warm at The Lodge at Breckenridge for a September wedding. Not a cloud in the sky. And in all my 9 years of photographing weddings, Samantha was the first bride I had ever heard say that she wished it would rain. Ha!

That’s not the only thing that make these two unique. From their shoes to their rings, the cufflinks, cake, decorations and guest book map, Samantha and Robert are nothing short of original. They managed to incorporate all things nerdy (which I absolutely love) into every aspect of their wedding. From Harry Potter to steampunk… I had never seen any of their decorations at another wedding. And I go to lots of weddings! I loved it all! In fact, I was reminded that I haven’t read the HP books in quite a while and I really need to read them again! I’m going to start after I finish my current nerdy sci-fi fantasy trilogy.

Another unusual thing about this wedding is that Sammy and Robby are high school sweethearts. I don’t see too many couples these days who have known each other as long as they have, and didn’t meet on Tinder or something. It’s especially sweet. Seeing how they just adored each other, how well they know each other and how they connect on so many levels was truly a breath of fresh air. They truly married their best friend and it was so apparent and special.

OK let’s get to the pictures! These two looked AMAZING and the pictures are so beautiful! Thank you both so much, and here’s your sneak peek!