Karen + Ashley // Married

The photos from this wedding are super stunning. Like knock your socks off stunning. We had perfect light, in the perfect location, with the the perfect couple. So it's no wonder these pictures turned out so great! 

Thank you both so much, it really has been such a joy to work with you! Congrats on your wedding, and may you continue to make millions of memories together!

I'm just going to start with this image because I just can't get over how amazing the sky (and these two) looked!

Now for some getting ready fun...

We did the first look by a big willow tree...

I could overload you with gorgeous images of the bride and groom right now, but instead I'm going to wait until the end :)

Here's a few from the ceremony:

Now for some fun reception moments:

Now one just for Cass, hehehe (yes, I photoshopped the somke in, ha!)

And now for all my favorites! I LOVE THESE!

Photography: Josie Pix, Brooke Shelton Photography

Venue: Powell Gardens

Catering: Jack Stack