Gina + Mike // Married

I just love small, intimate weddings. But, I feel like "small" is never the right word. There's nothing small about love, about family, about expressing your love and commitment in front of those who mean the most to you. Love is massive, it's ginormous, it's vast and substantial and immense.

These two have huge hearts, tremendous love, and they surrounded themselves with people who value them. I was pleased to see it all, to be a part of it, to meet everyone and witness the smiles and joy.

Thanks so much, Gina and Mike, I wish you and your families all the best!

I arrived just in time for a handful of getting ready shots...

The Shakespeare Chateau is completely gorgeous. Every room is intricately detailed. Gina and Mike's beautiful decorations and flowers really added to the charm.

The ceremony was set in one of the coolest room's I've ever seen! Detailed woodwork, wallpaper, and beautiful chandeliers. Gina's brother was the officiant, which made it all the more special. Some of my favorite images are the ones of Gina and Mike looking into each other's eyes during the ceremony, they look so happy!

The cakes were masterfully created, it's shame they are gone! But I bet they tasted amazing!

The toasts were by Gina's son and Mike's daughter. It's hard to speak in front of people (at least for me!) and these two did a great job. I think they may have gotten more than a few tears out of the crowd!

And now I will finish up with a handful of images of the newlyweds. They looked great, and their happiness and closeness and comfort with each other really shows in their photos!

Photography : Josie Pix

Venue and catering : Shakespeare Chateau Inn

Flowers : Garden Gate Flowers

Cake : Mad Batters

Music : Pianist, Brenda Scamurra with Musical Moments, LLC. Guitarist Jason Riley

Dress : David's Bridal

Men's suits (groom and best man) :  Men's Warehouse

Hair : Lisa and Katie Phillips at J. Michael's Salon