Celicia + Mike // Married

I have been sitting at my computer all day today, literally about ten hours. My eyes burn, my legs are sore, I'm very thirsty... BUT I just can't stop! I've been having SO much fun working on Celicia and Mike's wedding pictures!

Celicia and Mike's wedding at Drumm Farm in Independence, Missouri was last weekend, the day we got that CRAZY rain storm. And let me tell you, I'm so happy that I work with such amazing people. Celicia and Mike weren't phased by the weather at all, even on our photo walks. It poured, it drizzled, it stopped, then it poured again. Rinse and repeat, literally. But that didn't stop us from getting some awesome pictures, and it sure didn't stop anyone from having a great time!

It was such a pleasure working with you all! I wish you all the best! And here's a little sneak peek!

I'm starting with this image, even though it's one of the last ones from the night. It's just so neat! I love the rain, the light, their comfort together. Eeek! I love it!

And now I will be a little more chronological. I arrived just before the dress came on, with just enough time to grab a few getting ready shots!

An adorable first look and a few wedding party shots...

And now a few more of the love birds...

By the way, these two below are NOT twins. I was completely surprised.

If you make a face like this, and I literally laugh out loud while looking through the pictures, then you get to be on the blog post. Period.

These kids had some crazy dance moves.

And now I will wrap this up with one last image, which is quite possibly one of my favorites. Ever.

Thanks so much Celicia and Mike!

Photography: Josie Pix

Venue: Drumm Farm

DJ: Inwrought Music Management