Love Your Pictures (Almost) As Much As You Love Your Fiance.

We want you to feel your heart melt when look through your wedding album. That's why we work hard to make sure you fall in love all over again every time you see your pictures.




We take photography seriously. We use awesome equipment. We develop strategies in order to cover every aspect of your wedding to the best of our abilities. We work diligently and quickly with expert skill.



We let your personality, your story and your life inspire us. Your love story fuels our creativity, and we turn that into something that uniquely fits you.



We value honesty, trust and sincerity. We use these attributes to tell your story in a way that not only shows your personality, but also captures your most special moments.


About Me

Here's a little about me. I won't be long and boring.

  • I have a Master's degree in ancient Greek and Latin

  • I read series books that have swords and magic

  • I have been to 48 states, 11 provinces and 9 countries but my favorite place is home

  • I have a husband, Kent, and two children, Josie and Clyde. I can't imagine life without them

My husband and I

My husband and I

My kiddos

My kiddos

Josie and Clyde

Josie and Clyde

My husband and I

My husband and I



How long does it take before I get my photos?

About 2-6 weeks. I aim for as fast as possible!


how many photos will i get?

Every wedding is different! But a rough estimate is 75-100 per hour.