I'm Brooke (not Josie). Josie is my daughter! I just knew she'd be pretty cool, that's why I named my business after her before she was even born. 

It's really important to me that we connect on some level. I work best when it feels like we know each other, even if we've just met. I'm great at making you look great, especially when we are comfortable with each other. And I tend to make others feel comfortable, yes, even when my lens keeps poking around! You'll forget it's there soon enough!

I love coffee. And red wine. But not at the same time! Indian food makes me very happy. Or anything with cheese.

Music. The Magnetic Fields. Jeremy Egnik. Weezer's Blue album is pretty epic. The Flaming Lips. Johnny Cash. Violent Femmes. The Smiths. Elliot Smith. They Might Be Giants. I can go on forever. I love to sing along to my favorite songs when nobody is listening. I have an awful voice, and seriously feel awkward when it starts trying to sing if anyone is within a mile radius.

Books. Oh, I'm a complete nerd. Anything with a bit of magic and a part of series, I'm in. Of course, Game of Thrones. But also, The First Law, The Way of Kings, Mistborn, Lightbringer. I read every day. And I try to read to my kids everyday, too.

TV. I didn't watch TV until I was in my late 20s. Seriously. Then I became enthralled. Firefly. Mad Men. The Walking Dead. Daredevil. Agents of Shield. Arrested Development. Breaking Bad. Those are all pretty great. I tend to watch an entire season in 3 days.

Most importantly, I am a true believer in compassion. I am a giver and an observer. And I'm just happy when I can make someone happy.